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SCA Frequently Asked Questions

New to SCA- Getting Started

  • My child has never been to SCA, and I want to enroll him/her into classes or a cheer team, where do I start? Go to New Family Registration on our website and complete the form. 

  • I’ve completed the registration form and want to enroll in a class. What’s next? 

    • For cheer, see the All Star Cheer section below.

    • If your child is enrolling in a tumbling 1 or higher class, an evaluation is required for level placement. Schedule an evaluation and then see the front desk afterwards to enroll.

    • For all other classes and camps, call, email, or stop in at the front desk to complete your class/camp enrollment. 

  • Is there a registration or membership fee? Yes, the annual family registration fee for each calendar year is due when you enroll and then annually on April 1st. We have opted to use April 1 as our registration fee date since many families already have additional expenses in January of each year.​

  • How do I stay in the know? 

    • Check your emails or view received emails on the Parent Portal

    • Check out our Monthly Newsletter (emailed to registered families monthly)

    • Follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter)

    • Check our website often.

    • NEW JUNE 1, 2023, Download our App from the Apple or Android Store and connect your Parent Portal account under My Account for convenient access. 

  • Do you offer free trials? We offer one free trial to new 3-6 year old athletes and trials to our specialty classes. Regular Tumbling Classes ages 7 & up are not offered trial classes, but you may do a drop in class for $25. 


Safety and Security- The health and safety of our athletes and the students at the schools we serve are our top priority. 

  • See our COVID and Illness Protocol for all the safety precautions in place.

  • All of our coaches and administrative staff ages 18 and up are background checked through Safe@All Star.

  • All of our special events teams serving our area schools are background checked through Klein ISD and others when required. 

  • Our cheer parents and cheerleaders are expected to complete the appropriate athlete protection course at Safe@All Star.


Transfers, Level Advancements, and Cancellations

  • The day/time of my child’s class no longer works for our schedule, how do I transfer my child to another class? Review the class availability on the Parent Portal or look at the full class availability, then contact the front desk to transfer classes. The front desk will also be more than happy to assist you in finding a class that fits your schedule, as well as, if you need additional assistance.

  • When does my child move up to the next tumbling level? Evaluations are completed by our Tumbling Lead. You can request an evaluation at any time on the Events, Holidays and Evaluations Calendar and your child’s coach will also communicate when he/she recommends that your athlete be evaluated for level advancement. At times, the coach may request the lead to evaluate your athlete during class if time permits. They will receive a skills checklist which will need to be taken to the front desk to transfer. 

  • How do I cancel my athlete’s class(es)? You must submit a class cancellation form by 8 pm on the 15th of the month to be effective on the 1st (ex: to drop a class at the end of January, then your form must be received between 12/16 and 1/15 by 8 pm). NOTE- this only applies to classes, for our School Cheer Program refer to your athlete training agreement, and for our All-Star Cheer Program refer to your cheer agreement. 


Events and SIgn-Ups

  • How do I sign up for events and evaluations at SCA? 1-Day Cheer Clinics, Friday Day/Night Out, Monday Madness, Lock-ins, Evaluations, and Bring a Friend Week are all on our events calendar. All events require the athlete to be signed up in advance. 

  • My child is bringing a friend to Bring a Friend Week, how do they complete the waiver? Parents of Bring a Friend Week guests need to sign them up in advance, via the calendar, by clicking on the Bring a Friend Event for the day they are coming or through the events tab in the Parent Portal if they already have an account. 

  • This calendar also has our Tumble Fest that does not require a sign up.


Birthday Parties

  • How do I book a birthday party? Go to the forms tab and complete the Birthday Party Booking Request which also has the package choices. Our party coordinator will contact you to schedule. 

  • How do my party guests complete the safety waiver? 

    • Your event will be displayed on the calendar as a birthday party on the day and time of your party. Parents can click there to RSVP for their child(ren) on the calendar link.

    • The party coordinator will send the custom link to you that you can forward to your guests.

    • If your guests are members or are in our system, they can login to the parent portal, find your party on the events tab and RSVP there. 


Emergency Closures and Holidays

  • Do you follow the holiday schedule of any local school district? Not necessarily, we are closed for one week in the spring for spring break (same week as Klein typically), Good Friday through Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Wednesday through Sunday of Thanksgiving week, the week of July 4th, and two weeks during the Christmas/New Year’s Season. You can find these dates on the Calendar.

  • What happens if there is bad weather? We follow Klein ISD’s for emergency closures. If they have canceled after school activities or canceled schools due to inclement weather or some other emergency that also affects our athletes, we typically will be closed. If the school closures are extended (may happen after a severe weather event), then we will assess the situation and reopen when it is safe to do so.


All-Star Cheer

  1. What are the options? Check out our cheer options on our website’s Cheerleading tab. 

  2. What kind of investment will I be making if I enroll my child in the All-Star Cheerleading Program? Questions regarding the time commitment and all aspects of our All-Star Cheerleading Program can be found in our Cheer Parent Handbook under the forms tab. Questions about the financial commitment can be answered by calling or emailing the front desk ( or our Cheer Administrator. ( for this year’s quicksheets and payment options.

  3. I want to sign my child up for a cheer team, what do I need to do? 

    1. Stop by the front desk for the current season’s Quicksheet and a cheer enrollment packet. 

    2. Complete your packet and sign up for an appointment with Ms. Shawna, 

    3. All Novice, Prep, and Elite athletes must have this enrollment meeting to be enrolled in the try-out clinic and receive a try-out spot. At this meeting, you will turn in your completed packet, pay your commitment and registration fee (for new members), and pay your cheer fees in full or set up and sign your payment plan. Appointments usually start in mid-March once the new Quicksheets are released. 

    4. Schedule your appointment here.

    5. Register during our Early Bird and Cheerpalooza specials in March and April for special incentives.  

  4. What is the difference between cheer fees and cheer tuition? 

    1. Cheer fees are what the gym pays out to other parties on behalf of our athletes such as competition fees, etc…

    2. Cheer tuition is similar to class tuition. It is what pays for staff and all aspects of the facility. 

  5. How do teams get important practice and competition information and other important communication? All cheer parents should have the Stack Team App. Directions on how to download and access your teams are in our Cheer Parent Handbook under the forms tab

  6. How do I report absences to practices and/or planned absences? Please see the detailed absence policy in our Cheer Parent Handbook under the forms tab


Private Lessons- Many of our coaches are private lesson instructors. 

  • Do I have to be an active SCA member to take private lessons from an SCA coach? Yes, preschool through high school athletes must be current members enrolled in and attending a class or be on a cheer team. 

  • For collegiate athletes, you must be a member with the current calendar year’s registration fee paid. Class enrollment is waived since collegiate athletes typically exceed our class age limit. 

  • My child only needs private lessons for school cheer tryout, does he/she still need to be enrolled in a class? Yes, they still must be enrolled in a class. We recommend our Cheer Try-Out Prep Classes and/or tumbling classes. 

  • How do I sign up for private lessons? Complete the Private Request Form on the forms tab of the website. Once eligibility is verified, your athlete will be enrolled in the “approved for private lessons” class and it will be given to the Tumbling Director for coach approval, then given to the requested or assigned coach. 

  • Note- if at any time your athlete is no longer enrolled in a class or on a team, they will also be dropped from the “approved for private lessons” class and no longer be eligible for private lessons. 


Open Work-Outs

  • I am trying out for school cheer, can I come work on my tryout materials? 

    • We offer Cheer Tryout Work Weeks during the weeks of the area school’s tryouts. This is a time in the evenings where athletes can come in to work on the material they are learning at their school tryout clinics and work as a group supporting each other and get feedback from our coaching staff. Watch our website and social media for pricing, etc…

    • We also offer Cheer Tryout Prep Clinics and Cheer Tryout Prep Classes during tryout season. 

  • I just want to come in and work on my skills, what are the options?

    • We offer Open Gyms on Friday evenings. Contact the front desk to sign up. It is $10 for an hour workout that is structured like our regular tumbling classes. 

    • We also offer Friday Day/Night Out and Monday Madness throughout the year and athletes have access to all tumbling equipment during this time. In addition to special events staff, at least one tumbling coach is present. 


Blended Families/ Siblings in Multiple Households

  • Can my nieces/nephews or other extended relatives be on my account with my child and share a registration fee and multi-child discounts? 

    • No, for the purposes of enrollment and registration, “family” is defined as one or more parents and his/her children (biological, adopted, foster, step, for other minor child that you have custody of) that live in the same household. 

  • If two parents share the expenses related to cheer and tumbling, can you charge different cards for payment?

    • No, the parent enrolling the athletes is the parent responsible for payment and who’s card on file will be charged. Any arrangements you have outside of that is between yourselves and not SCA. 

  • If I have my children (biological, adopted, foster, step, for other minor child that you have custody of) who live with their other parents and children  (biological, adopted, foster, step, for other minor child that you have custody of) who live with me, can they be on the same account? 

    • Yes, only if the common parent is the primary account holder, all parents/guardians are listed with notes of who to call for each child in an emergency, and the common parent must be the billing contact. 


Off Campus PE

  • Do you offer off campus PE for junior high and high school students? 

Turn the SCA Off Campus PE Enrollment Form in at the front desk with the off campus PE request forms from your child’s school district.

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