Baby Sharks

(Ages 3-5)

This includes 45 minutes of Dryland training and 45 minutes of Pool training




*must already be able to swim



Beginner (Ages 6-12)

  This class includes 1 hour of dry - land training and 1 hour of pool training

*For 3 days a week, Pool time goes to 3 hours


 2 Days a Week


3 Days a Week

High School 


(Ages 13+)

This includes 3 hours of pool training and 2 hours of dryland training 


 Junior Olympic


This includes 5 days of pool training and 3 days of dryland training

*invitation only


Swimming Race

Coach Nancy is the Head Dive Coach for NV Aquatics. To sign up, contact Coach Nancy.

Coach Nancy

Tel. 832-317-3744

Click here to Email:

19821 Stuebner Airline Rd

Spring, TX 77379