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Off Campus PE

Spring Creek Athletics (SCA) offers an Off Campus Physical Education Program. Our program runs August 1st-May 31st.  Depending on your school district’s requirements, you will be working out at SCA from 5-15+ hours per week.  Tumbling, Cheerleading, Stunting classes, team practices, and competitions all qualify towards your required hours.  We are looking forward to partnering with your family so that your athlete will gain all the skills they desire as well as learn to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle. 


$15 per month administrative fees PLUS your cheer and/or class tuition for five hours or more combined practice and class time.

To Enroll:

Attendance Policy:

Athletes are expected to attend every scheduled practice and/or class in its entirety. If an injury or illness occurs, please email


All-Star athletes follow the All-Star Attendance policy per the SCA Parent Handbook. All-Star Elite athletes should report all absences to and All Star Novice/Prep Athletes should report absence to, but also CC 


NOTE: If you are not attending a class, it could affect your grade if notice is not given. Excessive absences will warrant removal from that class to allow other athletes to be enrolled. 

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